Gusset XL Linear Brake Cable Smoke

Gusset XL Linear Brake Cable Smoke

Varenummer: CBGUWMX
139,00 DKK

Allows up to 360 degrees rotation;
Long enough to wrap around your headtube, and trick enough to still work...

Not just a-n-other brake cable - check the features;

Compressionless longitudinal strand casing delivers full power.
Stainless Steel mesh prevents strand separation under compression.
"Non-coil" housing reduces cable twist under brake load.
Low friction Polyethylene housing liner maximises braking power.
Die extruded "Slick" inner cable provides silky smooth performance.
Anti-scratch jacket covers Stainless Mesh to prevent paint damage.
XL size for MTB and BMX rear brake systems. (Cut down to size)
Includes outer end ferrule and alloy anti-fray inner cable crimp.

5mm x 1850mm Outer casing
1.6mm x 2000mm Slick Inner cable.