Problem Solver Eccentric PFBB30 - 24mm Axle Adaptor

Problem Solver Eccentric PFBB30 - 24mm Axle Adaptor

Varenummer: CR0098
1.599,00 DKK

Eccentric 46 Bottom Bracket

With the proliferation of PressFit 30-ready frames, we decided folks need a singlespeed option for those frames with vertical drops. Our Eccentric 46 fits into 46mm diameter bottom bracket shells (clever, right?). The E46 accepts 24mm crank spindles, the same size as found in use with Shimano Hollowtech II, Race Face X-Type or FSA MegaExo cranksets. Once everything's installed, you've got 16mm of fore-to-aft adjustment to properly tension your chain.

Tech Details

  • Fits frames with 46mm diameter BB shells
  • Spacers included for 68mm road or 73mm mountain setups
  • Accepts 24mm spindle cranks - Hollowtech II, X-Type, MegaExo etc.