Surly Nate 26 X 3,80 Skinwall 60tpi Folding

Surly Nate 26 X 3,80 Skinwall 60tpi Folding

Varenummer: TR0046
799,00 DKK

Dimensions : 26x3.8''
Weight : 1350g
Compatibility : rims 50-100 mm wide
Wire bead


Surly Nate 26x3.8 Skinwall Tire 60TPI

This fatbike classic has been around the block a few times. When it was first introduced on the market, the Nate was the first fatbike tire that offered real traction in the softest conditions. Today, this all-season performer is still as popular as ever, offering fantastic performance at a great price. In snow, it’s pretty much unbeatable in its size. It’s not the fastest because of its deep tread pattern, but if you’re looking for lots of traction, you’ll have a hard time finding a better all-rounder than the Nate. Tall, widely spaced blocks dig deep yet shed mud and sticky snow well. Generous side blocks provide excellent traction and control in corners and while off-camber.