IXS Assault Evo Protection Jacket Black M/L

IXS Assault Evo Protection Jacket Black M/L

Varenummer: IX-PRT-9011-ML
1.799,00 DKK

iXS Assault EVO Protection Jacket

The Assault jacket offers complete upper body protection. It has high-quality protection surfaces made of impact-absorbing polypropylene on the shoulder, elbow, forearm, and spine. The chest area is equipped with shock absorbing padding.
The iXS Assault models are specifically designed for tough terrain and use in the bike park. The modular concept allows for flexible customization options and gives the user the option to freely choose the units or protection level.

  • Multifunctional carrying solution.
  • Back, chest, shoulder and elbows, each can be worn separately resp. connect with each other
  • HexMatter - ventilated and ergonomically shaped as well as impact absorbing "Honeycomb" construction underneath the back plates. Protects against injuries during heavy falls.
  • Armadillo - flexible and impact-absorbing backpads made of hard polypropylene
  • NockOut Impact-absorbing soft padding in the upper arm, elbow and chest area as well as in all important and vital zones
  • Kidney belt for optimal fixation
  • Multifunctional and adjustable straps