ODI Bjorn v2.1 Lock-On 135mm Black w Black Clamp

ODI Bjorn v2.1 Lock-On 135mm Black w Black Clamp

Varenummer: D33BJB-B
289,00 DKK

ODI Bjorn v2.1 Lock-On 140mm. Black/White w/Black Clamp


The challenge: to sustainably manufacture a grip without sacrificing performance. The result: a compound made from completely recycled rubber that retains 95% of its original features. Holding the Bjorn by ODI, it's hard to believe that they are made from recycled material, and the feeling doesn't change after you try them. The Bjorn v2.1 Lock-On is made from 100% TPE that is collected and recycled internally by ODI from production waste, eliminating waste and ensuring the highest quality. This sustainable compound maintains 95% of the original durability and feel. The design has also been conceived to guarantee high comfort: the most stressed contact points have specific padding and textures, the thickness of the material is variable (offset design, as on the Elite and AG2 grips), and an ergonomic rise has been inserted for more comfortable thumb positioning. Of course, the single collar closure is based on ODI's proprietary Lock-On v2.1 system for easy installation and 100% secure fastening.

Variable rubber thickness, with more padding where you need it most.
TPE 100% recycled in the ODI factory.
Single collar, Lock-On version 2.1.
Integrated external plastic end plug.
Ergonomic rise for more comfortable thumb positioning.
Diameter: 31 mm.
Length: 135 mm.
Real weight: 133 g(pair).