Whyte Cassettebody For T-120

Whyte Cassettebody For T-120

Varenummer: WHYFHUB26
299,00 DKK

WHYFHUB12 has been discontinued, please use WHYFHUB12-1
WHYFHUB12-2 suitable for all Glencoe models
WHYFHUB18 has been discontinued, please use WHYFHUB19- if upgrading from FHUB18 to FHUB19 you will also need to purchase a new sized axle- here (WHYAXLE0528)

WHYFHUB20 XD Driver End Cap DHT1481 Cap
WHYFUB21 Freehub body End Cap
WHYFUB22 9mm QR End Cap
WHYFUB27 Spring & Pulls to fit WHYFHUB01 & WHYFHUB07
WHYFUB30 Whyte Joytech Freehub XD Driver for e-Bike