[Læs mere om Banshee]
Banshee are a small, boutique, performance focused mountain biking brand whose sole desire is to make the best possible frames on the planet. Originating from BC Canada, Banshee has evolved with the sport and pushed the boundaries of performance for 15 years. Banshee consists of a small team of 4 riders who all live and breathe biking. The frames that we make are all designed from scratch by our in-house engineer and owner Keith Scott. Small batch production QC is overseen by co-owner Jay MacNeil who moved from Canada to Taiwan so that he can be onsite permanently at our factory. Customer service and build specs are handled by Aussie ripper Dennis Beare who now lives in Squamish BC. Last but by no means least, ex-Team USA downhiller Michael Buell handles most the sales and website stuff. We might be a small team, but we are hardworking and focused on making the best possible frames and providing great customer service. Our frames are constructed using advanced manufacturing techniques like 3D forging, and hydroforming and all use superior 7005 T6 alloy to create bikes that are inspired by feedback from our discerning customers, as well as our own personal riding experience. We are confident that our bikes can outperform any other bike out there, just test ride one if you don’t believe us. There is a reason that we are fortunate enough to have a very loyal customer base.


[Læs mere om Gusset]
We’ve made grips for a long time, our File push on grip has been a stalwart in our product line up for over 15 years. We also recently updated our 9 year old File lock on grip to the Single File grip, with a 30mm diameter and single clamp design.

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[Læs mere om DMR Bikes]
Out of our base in the British countryside, DMR Bikes has been designing and creating some of the best Mountain Bikes, dirt jump bikes, pedals, frames and components for over 20 years. From the iconic V12 pedal to the legendary Trailstar, our team of riders and designers continue to work with some of the sports biggest names to create products that will endure the riding we all know, do, and love.


[Læs mere om Halo]
Halo started way back in 1995, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.

Our humble beginning was out of pure frustration, as our progressive riding was limited by the components on offer. We vouched that we would create products that no longer hindered riders, but pushed them. At Halo, we come to work to everyday with this mission in mind.

The athletes we work with everyday embody who we are at Halo. They’re world champions, visionaries and leaders. Our riders provide critical feedback for our products whilst traveling the world, and test everything we create to the highest level. Our riders are family and ambassadors for the sport we love and the brand we are.

Here at Halo 100% of our wheels are hand-built to guarantee attention to detail. This ensures that you are getting a product that deserves to carry our name. Our range of products extends across the genres of riding we love to do, from road racing though to our roots in dirt jumping.

Halo Wheels; Developed in the UK, Ridden Everywhere.


[Læs mere om HT Components]
Taiwan is the soul of the world’s bicycle manufacturers, Hsing Ta Industrial is one of Taiwan’s bicycle industry grassroots pioneer, founded in 1954, is rooted in providing consumers with the best riding experience in order to develop the highest quality products manufacturing enterprises mission! Hsing Ta industrial headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan , determines to provide the most innovative and quality products with most competitive market price. Our products are bicycles pedals and components, includes an overview of road vehicles, mountain bikes, off-road vehicles and city bike. Range from basic models to high-end products in order to satisfy consumers’ diverse needs. In 2005, we created the “HT” of high-end pedal brand to meet increasing market demands, this was an important breakthrough for the company with a variety of new designs to fulfil personalisation and technology trends.


[Læs mere om Identiti]
Founded in the back of a bike shop in 1998 Identiti began life as the classic “for riders by riders” small bike company, designing and building bikes that the team wanted to ride with the features and performance that they felt were important. That philosophy hasn’t changed in the intervening years we still design and build bikes where performance and features are the important factors and corners aren’t cut getting to the finished product.

We make bikes that we want to ride at any opportunity, bikes that are thoroughly tested in the harshest of conditions, real world testing by riders who are continually looking to develop the perfect bike for the discipline be it Enduro, Trail, DJ, BMX or Adventure. Only when they are happy do we finish the design, it might take longer but we know that you don’t want to be the beta tester. We’re proud of our build quality, low warranty rate and number of satisfied customers, these are the criteria we use to define success.

Our range of bikes is eclectic reflecting the diversity of riding we do not the typical marketing led approach of targeting different genres and having a model for each at specific price points, we aren’t tied into the industry demand for “new” models every year just because of component changes. We design and develop in our own time and only when totally satisfied do we move to production. With this process we won’t follow the industry new model year norm, we’ll only update a model when there are significant reasons to do so and we know that the changes are worthwhile. We know that not everyone will want that but if you do you might want to check out our range to discover your Identiti.


[Læs mere om IXS]
For decades, the iXS brand has stood for highly functional protective clothing for cyclists. Numerous awards as test winner in the trade press or the award of the Red Dot Design Award for the Design Concept prove the high quality standards.


[Læs mere om Maxxis]
Maxxis International is committed to delivering high performance tyres to the world. Our products are unequalled in quality and performance. With over forty-five years of manufacturing experience and the ingenuity of our people, we have created new technologies to develop our diversified tyre products. Our products are thoroughly tested in our own facilities and at the world's leading tyre test centres. In addition, our engineers test our tyres with our national and world-class champions. We utilise the most advanced manufacturing equipment and engineering facilities in the industry. Only after extensive professional evaluation does a product go into production.

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[Læs mere om MRP]
MRP manufacturers high-performance mountain bike suspension and component products. All MRP components are handcrafted by riders and born on the technical trails of Colorado, USA. The goal of MRP is to give you even more fun on the trail, every ride.

Beginning with chainguides over 20 years ago, MRP has become known for the highest quality and most reliable components. As MRP has expanded into the suspension market, they’ve quickly become a favorite of discerning riders around the world. Bike industry media has taken note too, awarding the Ribbon line of forks with many raving reviews including the Pinkbike Suspension Product of the Year award. Every fork and shock is hand-assembled and dyno-tested before it leaves the factory to ensure it meets strict quality standards.

MRP believes your components should inspire you to take new lines, ride with more confidence and have even more fun on the bike.


[Læs mere om Muckynutz]
Mucky Nutz has been protecting vital parts since 2009 and by developing new ideas and improving on existing ones, we have become a global brand with product distribution in over 30 countries.

From our early offerings, developed in a garden shed in Yorkshire (yes, that is the actual one), to the range of products developed at our new base in Cornwall, we are no doubt best known for our design protected mudguards.

Light, discreet, yet very effective, our guards are the original flexible guards and are used and endorsed by many pro DH and Enduro teams and riders, but are available to everyone in a variety of forms and colours.

Our aim is simple, it's to protect everyone's vital parts through simple and effective designs. To achieve this we encourage feedback and an exchange of ideas with our customers and biking community, so that we're kept well informed about the demands on our products and riding in general.

And it just so happens that we love the work we do and hope our products and service reflect this.


[Læs mere om Odi]

This is not just a slogan to us. Over the past 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best there is to offer in our products. This includes our proprietary compounds which have been extensively researched and tested by top athletes around the world to ensure that they provide the highest level of comfort and longevity possible. We are also the innovators of the Lock-On Grip system, which innovated the way in which grips are installed and secured to the handlebars and still remains the worldwide standard for grips. This is also the reason that we have chosen to continue producing our products exclusively in the USA in our own facility. While other manufacturers are scurrying to the lowest possible cost producer overseas, we remain dedicated to maintaining the highest possible product quality facilitated by our long term relationships we have developed with our suppliers.

For more information about our products or to inquire about creating a customized product, please feel free to contact us at the address listed below.


[Læs mere om Race Face]

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Race Face Performance Products has been designing and manufacturing leading-edge performance cycling components, clothing, and protection for more than 20 years. We are a global cycling brand with product distribution in more than 40 countries and a roster of multi-disciplined professional athletes and organizations around the world. As a company of riders who design and test on North Vancouver's infamous 'Shore', you can be sure Race Face products have endured some of the most abusive riding conditions. Behind all of the product awards, strategic partnerships and innovative marketing campaigns is our staff - a dedicated group of individuals who take an enormous amount of pride in their work. From our design engineers to the folks boxing product in assembly, Race Face employees share the same passion for cycling as you, our customers.


[Læs mere om Ride Concepts]
We could say this idea was born out of a family need for better fitting and performing footwear for aggressive riding- and that would be true. But that’s not the whole story- or even if it were, we’d make up something more exciting. So, what began as a search for a solution to a minor family dilemma quickly evolved into something much, much bigger…

We are riders; always have been. Bound by our love of dirt and speed, we sought out careers in action sports and outdoors to stay close to that sought after dream of riding every day. Collectively advancing to an array of successful roles among some big companies, we pretty much saw it all. But those achievements came at a cost, always on their terms, their rules, and their ownership. The creators and dreamers within us weren’t satisfied, longing for a sense of belonging and a desire for new solutions. Outcasts within our own environment, that resilience and experience got us a concept.

As athletes, only our dreams dictate our limits- the old risk/reward paradigm. During a night on the town over tacos, soda pop and talk of kids shoes, (or was that lunch?) it became clear we had to take that risk.

We set out to achieve one goal: the uncompromising ride. Several years of concept design, retailer roundtables, and lack of sleep came to fruition in fall 2018 with the launch of the first mountain bike specific footwear company to offer a complete range of technically driven and tailored product for men, women and youth.

Nestled in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, minutes from the mouth of the beautiful Truckee River, our backyard is a proven testing ground of technical terrain. Our mission: to build the most comfortable, durable and reliable mountain bike footwear. Rider-designed. Rider-owned.

More than that, we’re creating a home for athletes who lay it on the line. We back up our product not only with a guarantee, but a team of factory pros and every day riders who live for that uncompromising ride.

That’s our story, and we’ll tell it how we want to. We are Ride Concepts. Welcome to the party.

See you on the mountain. RC


[Læs mere om Spank]
"It could be argued that racing is life, and every one of us was born to win. The simple fact that you exist means you have already won the first and most important race of all."

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[Læs mere om Whyte Bikes]
The ten out of tens and five out of fives review scores our bikes have been getting are partly down to another set of numbers. The ones that make up Whyte’s unique geometry and ride character. Whether it’s our Alp taming, EWS thoroughbred G170 series bikes, our entry level 600 series trail hardtails or our mould-breaking, award-winning Wessex road bikes every Whyte is designed to create a unique chemistry with its rider to let you go faster, further and more comfortably in total confidence. That’s because we push the front wheel further in front of the rider at a slacker angle to the frame. This helps the steering ‘self correct’, keeping you on track whether you’re ripping down a rowdy mountain trail or a back road short cut turns out shady. By adding a long reach top tube we can team the stable steering with a super short, snap reacting stem for dodging traffic and potholes on the way to work or surfing sliding tyres down a black run descent. Add our own carefully selected handlebar shapes and you’ve got the perfect balance of confident communication and connection in your hands. Steering feel alone isn’t enough to create a benchmark setting, award winning handling character though. We also drop the centre of gravity of our bikes as low as possible so they naturally glue themselves onto the ground through corners rather than leaving you perched and precarious. Because driving a barge is dull we keep the back ends super short whatever the wheel size to guarantee the hop and pop agility you need to bring the trail alive. We’ve also created our own linkage systems and worked with our suspension suppliers to create custom tunes that keep ride height and geometry composed and consistent however hard you drive through turns, haul on the brakes or stamp the pedals. We also equip all our suspension bikes with dropper seat posts so you can stay low and mobile as well as fitting grippy front, fast rear rubber to underline their swaggeringly confident yet addictively responsive character. For 2019 we’ve evolved our geometry and parts pick even further, adding even more control and keeping you further ahead of the competition than ever. After all our bikes aren’t designed to stand still and let others catch up.

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[Læs mere om Wolf Tooth]
We are a group of hardcore cyclists that found ourselves spending a lot of time talking about bike components. Like most racers, we were always looking for new products that could make our bikes lighter, faster, or more reliable. Since we all come from engineering and manufacturing backgrounds, our conversations often focused on how we could make the products on the market today even better. Wolf Tooth was founded to design and manufacture precision cycling products that emphasize function, performance, and reliability to meet the needs of our fellow racers and riders.

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